Start Your Online Radio

Are you a Pastor or a Preacher? Are you a DJ, a Broadcaster or a Podcaster? Do you desire to have an online radio station for yourself, your Church, your school, your company or your organization, to stream your messages, music or live events? If yes, then click on the button below

Why Choose Us

Very Affordable

Irrespective of your financial status, we have a suitable package just for you.

Quality Sound

We promise you the best sound quality you can get. We broadcast your audio at 320k bitrate,

Unlimited Listeners

We give you unlimited concurrent listeners.

Worldwide Coverage

Everywhere in the world, with or without internet, your audience can listen to your radio station

Stable Transmission

our transmissions are very stable with no interruptions.

Low Data Consumption

With a minimal amount of data your audience can listen to you for a very long time. It also doesn't cost you must data to stream.

We are Here for You

StePro Multimedia can set up a webradio for you at relatively low price. No license required, no need for expensive or complicated equipment, and no monthly subscription. Our team can help you acquire the essential equipment, software and the required skills to run and maintain your personal or professional studio.


Let Us Train YOu

If you desire to be a certified online radio technician, then StePro Multimedia 

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